Sangathamizh is a dance drama consisting of 9 songs written by the Honble Chief minister of Tamilnadu Dr. Kalaignar. It predicts about the culture , love, habbits, courage of ancient tamils. It has been staged more than 200 times in India and foreign coutries like Mauritius, Srilanka, and Sechelles. It has been widely appreciated by all the people who adore the language of tamil.

Sangathamizh era commenced two millennea ago. Other languages had no literature when our ancestors grouped together and researched the tamil language. When we come to know of the tamilians history their social and political life, heroism,generosity and love through the sangam literature,we cannot but appreciate them as the treasure of that period. Not only the literature but its various versions are understood only by poets and learned people.

To enable for the common man to understand, sangathamizh was written in a simple manner and 9 songs are chosen to predict the ancient tamil culture and made to a dance drama .

The Nine Songs

1. The scene opens with the heroine dancing with her friends narrating the interesting study about her life. She reminds them of a very young naughty boy who always destroyed their sand castle, who has now grown up to be a very handsome youth. This handsome youth one day knocked at her house requesting her mother to give a glass of water as he was very thirsty.Unknowingly her mother bid her give him the glass of water. Though she is happy to obey such an order, with a show of reluctance she took to him the glass. But he took her hand also along ,with that purposefully with a smile. Shocked by his act she cried out her mothers name. But when the mother asked her the reason she lied saying that the youth hiccupped. Mother started to massage his back since she was behind him, he smiled at her understanding her acceptance of love.

2. The heroine sings in praise of the hero and his valor banking on his generosity. She begs him to accept her and is happy to surrender herself to him.

3. The hero enters the stage confused by her denial to marry him and questions her motive. He promises to make public her previous signs of acceptance and willing to go to the king with the case. He vividly describes her beauty.

4. One of the village men describes the selection of the life partner by the village girls. They will marry only those who conquer the bull and show their valour and bravery. Love and valor are two important aspects of their social life. After conquering the bull when she embraces him,he forgets the pain inflicted in the bull fight.

5. The heroine is unconsolable about this separation. She questions the hero’s grace and wonders whether he will keep his promise to come back before the rainy season.

6. The heroine is consoled by her friends when she is very sad about the separation from him. Though the learned people will deny the lizards talk has good omen. Since it is rainy season and he will encounter the forest on his way when even the birds animals and other living beings live together. That will definitely remind him of their separation and he will hasten to come back. The forest life is described clearly.

7. The heroine witnesses everybodys sleep and laments her sleeplessness due to the grief of this waiting for his arrival.

8. This song describes about the stork coloured white haired old lady’s waiting for her sons return from the battle field. The neighbors had comeback and their wives are tending them with various herbs like neem leaves. It illustrates the youths determination to chase away the foes and the mothers heroic patient waiting for his return.

9. On hearing of his death and the manner in which he met it the old lady sheds tears. But she is telling not to mind the tears but realise the happiness she feels in her heart.this song describes how he fought with the enemies and died due to the breast wound.she laments the loss of her son and her dreams of his future along with that. But she is very proud about his valor bravery and heroism. Though the death is befitting a warrior since she is the mother the tears come down uncontrollable line the water falling from the bamboo leaves.

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